Available Rooms & Suites

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Room service

Our rooms standard is excellent that define the select way of hospitality with high-class comfort coupled with modern features and well-appointed offered room services. No matter the purpose of your visit, feeling relaxed in your room and having the right surroundings to relax to make sure your stay will be exceptional. Here is list of our room standards:
• Suite
• Single
• Double
• Family

Decor and Catering

Catering must be able to prepare food according to special wishes and make the food attractive to the guests. The food that we prepared in such occasions is as our customers request to the senses of taste, quality and wonderful smell. Decorations are important for the success of events. With a focus on the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we offer decoration service in the best possible way with quality. We always provide on your epic event competent and timely execution service that lay special emphasis on clients' satisfaction.

Event planning

We value our customers special events to make it enormous. We make perfect every event with our beautiful spot and well-organized plan. Our hotel makes an obvious choice for a seamless event that will have a lasting impression.

At Blue Cave Hotel we transform your weeding into a magical reality. Celebrate your weeding, day of togetherness with elegance and style enhanced by our decoration and epic service which add a magical spark to your celebration. Unforgettable moment which will remain engraved in your memory for all eternity and gracing your event with paramount perfection.

Have a perfect birthday celebration that will be well planned and organized in our hotel.

  • Graduation
  • Funeral services
  • Meeting
  • Bridal shower and baby shower parties
  • Laundry service
  • Wedding Hall

Free unlimited Wi-Fi

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